Let us do the work: from conception, finding and selecting the right influencers, to detailed campaign reporting. Our team of influencer marketing experts ensures you will get maximum ROI out of influencer campaigns. In addition, we also offer support in the design and creation of required campaign assets: whether motion pictures, graphics, or copywriting.


Self-Service With Marketplace Campaigns

Place your campaign in our influencer marketplace and find influencers to run your campaigns on TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitch. All at a glance and from a single viewpoint.


Influencer-Relationship-Management Software

Manage your existing influencer relationships and campaigns with our unique Influencer-Relationship-Management software. Use our IRM module to plan and execute campaigns with your influencers. Additionally, our IRM module supports you with communication, invoicing, and payments.

  • Pioneers of influencer marketing 
  • Branding and performance-based campaigns 
  • Fully automated marketplace with 360° support 
  • Automatic billing for all your partnerships 
  • A vast network of over 80,000 influencers 
  • Comprehensive consulting and reporting 
  • Develop long-term strategic influencer partnerships 
  • Build relationships with creators that fit your business 

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