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Founded in 2019, the Media Elements Group is one of Germany's leading experts in offering world-class media conception, management, influencer, and performance marketing powered by analytics and insights. As a full-service agency, our clients are supported strategically and operationally. With our combined forces and core competencies of ReachHero, sureyield, ME digital, Mediakraft, and adspree, we created Marketing 360° - a truly transformational business commerce platform. We are influencer marketing pioneers with vast networks and technology-driven platforms that create relevance for you and your brand. Our portal inventory, user acquisition technology, SEO, SEA, and paid media are the engines powering our performance marketing success. Our video and ad production team, our branded channel experts, and content management team deliver streamlined and impactful creative services. We provide you with everything you need - one point of contact only!


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Our Evolution

Combines The DNA Of Digital Marketing Pioneers


ReachHero is the one-stop source for influencer marketing. Whether as self-service using our Influencer Marketplace & Database or as a full-service agency. We bring your enterprise together with authentic influencers to lead your marketing campaign to success.

The company started with three employees, focusing entirely on building the influencer platform. Soon the team grew, adding talent management and an influencer-focused agency model to its services. Since then, ReachHero has grown to over 45 people, and acts as a key to infusing the influencer element into the Media Elements Marketing 360° mix.

Today, the company is focused on capturing the benefits of all aspects of influencer marketing, from platform specific advertising campaigns, to full-scale event marketing. They hosted and attended some of the biggest events in the industry.

At a glance:

  • A one-stop source for running self-service or managed influencer marketing campaigns
  • Over 3,000 live brands and advertisers
  • Over 80,000 connected influencer accounts
  • A major platform for influencer and creators of all sizes to monetize their reach through ReachHero marketplace
  • #1 in Germany


Sureyield was founded by ME digital, one of the largest digital agencies and content providers in the world.

Sureyield runs a performance marketing platform that connects premium advertisers and publishers, built in Berlin by industry experts. Their in-house technology and over 20 years of industry knowledge enabled them to create a unique one-stop-shop for all your performance marketing needs.

At a glance:

  • Global one-stop-shop performance marketing platform
  • Over 1,000 verified publishers
  • Over 100 GEOs covered
  • Over 10,000 daily conversions


ME digital has a long, rich history of digital content creation and advertising. The company started in the early 2000s under the name Jamba! and quickly conquered the mobile personalized entertainment market. They began to add performance marketing-based user acquisition and mobile value within the digital lifestyle sector.

Beyond being an established world provider of mobile content and entertainment services, they have built a lot of other exciting and diverse projects, such as the digital subscription platform OJOM, the dating platform iLove, and the German YouTube star Anna Blue. Years of expertise in performance marketing and deep industry knowledge of the VAS ecosystem enabled their talented team to add another successful product/service to their portfolio – the vene brand family.

At a glance:

  • Established world provider of mobile content and entertainment services offering a holistic solution for performance marketing and compliance
  • More than 471 million consumers in 36 countries
  • Over 300 million YouTube views
  • €330 million marketing spend over the last 8 years
  • €1.5 billion in revenue over the last 8 years
  • More than 100,000 content items
  • Almost 2 million impressions per day


For nearly a decade, adspree has been helping game publishers to market, advertise and monetize their games. Their innovative approach, cutting-edge techniques, and amazing team ensure that nobody does it better.

Adspree was founded in 2013 under the name SevenGames Network as a part of the Prosieben.Sat1 family, operating as the in-house specialists for TV, gaming, and performance marketing. In 2016, SevenGames Network joined MGI, which was the birth of adspree media. Since then, new products and expertise have been added to their existing offerings, allowing them to even further build their international marketing channels.

As a founding member of the Media Elements Group, adspree has continued to expand their offerings to a wider market, while cultivating and delivering new possibilities to their core clients. The company merged its expertise with that of the rest of the group and are now focused on growing and internationalizing the group’s owned and operated media and portals.

At a glance:

  • Responsible for portal and media management for the MEG
  • Over 10 years of experience in digital marketing and portal management
  • Well-connected in the gaming industry
  • Currently running over 20 portals with a growing international portfolio


Mediakraft Networks is the modern media company of the social-first age. They are specialists for sustainable content, influencer marketing, and supporting brands and creators in reaching young target groups with relevant and entertaining content. Since 2011, they have been actively shaping the future of brand storytelling with online video formats in a consultative, creative, and experienced manner.

Their focus is the publisher business and content production. The content production unit focuses on the production of online video content. The publisher business focus is the monetization of the group's content and third-party content on YouTube and Facebook platforms, but also on other social media and streaming platforms. In doing so, channels and pages are managed by influencers, as well as content libraries of publishers and broadcasters.

At a glance:

  • Specialists in the conception, production and delivery of online video content
  • Premium Partner of YouTube since 2011
  • Producer of the first YouTube Original channel in Germany (2012)
  • Producer of one of the first German YouTube Premium Originals (2017)
  • Support and management of more than 4,000 international YouTube channels


Applift is a mobile-first marketing service provider powering consumer brands and agencies to reach, convert and engage their audiences on mobile. It was formed in Berlin in 2012 as one of the first mobile performance marketing companies in the world. In 2018, Applift strengthened its brand to introduce Mobile Journey Advertising — a solution covering the full marketing funnel focusing on performance-centric outcomes.

They are one of the only global mobile marketing service providers to run the majority of non-programmatic campaigns on CPA. The belief in the lifetime value (LTV) of customers and their post-install actions is what makes them tick. Their strength lies in strength is a combination of global presence, internal mobile ad tech expertise, and their ability to manage algorithms across different platforms.

Applift completes the range of services in the field of performance marketing under the sureyield brand. They are a perfect complement to the entire portfolio of digital marketing services under the Media Elements Group.

At a glance:

  • One of the first mobile performance marketing companies in the world
  • Complete mobile marketing funnel solution
  • Strict focus on performance-centric outcomes
  • 1.5bn+ users per month
  • 500+ direct quality publishers

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